Coral Gables Masonic Lodge 260
F. & A.M.

Contact Coral Gables Lodge

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By reaching out to us, you will be contated by our secretary. He will invite you to have dinner with the members of the lodge.  
When you arrive at the lodge you can expect to be greeted by a member and welcomed. You will be asked what has brought you to this lodge, a very common answer is "I have driven past the building many times, and always wanted to learn more."
You are free to ask any questions you want and we will be happy to answer and show you around.
We have members from all demographics, ages and occupations. You will meet members with whom you share somethings in common and they will take the time to answer any questions you have.
There is nothing expected from you other than the hope that we can satisfy your curiosity. Freemasonry has often been misunderstood or represented as a secret society. Nothing could be further from the truth. We practice our fellowship out in the open, we participate  within the community, and we strive to do noble charitable works. If you are interested, you will come back. Freemasonry is not for everyone, as it requires a commitment of yourself to yourself. 

Our Secretary can be reached at: Secretary@coralgablesmason.org